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About Us

Located in Hinsdale, IL, Parsons Architects has been specializing in custom residential architecture for over 30 years.  Designing and building a new home is a very personal process, as well as a large investment of time and money.  We at Parsons Architects pride ourselves on working hand in hand with the client throughout the entire process in order to provide the client with the house of their dreams.  Knowing that it is the client who really matters, as it is their house and not ours, it is our goal to provide the design that best suits their needs.  In order to accomplish this, with every design we incorporate the following ideals:

        Budget:  We know how big of a financial investment a new home can be, and with that in mind we pride ourselves on design around

        and constantly considering our clients budget.

       Open to Clients Needs:  We incorporate full clients involvement and encourage feedback throughout the entire process with the goal

       of providing the best design for the particular client.

       Original Design: At Parsons Architects we not constrain ourselves to any specific style or material within our designs.  We specialize in

       completely  original custom homes that are designed by incorporating the feedback of our clients.

       Contextual Architecture:  We pride ourselves on designing homes that blend perfectly with their surrounding environment while

       still remaining completely original.

       Time Schedule:  We are sensitive to the time requirements of our clients as well as keeping the design process moving.



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